Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our 5 Best Android Apps

The Swiss Codemonkey Team started Android development in January 2009. We released about 20 apps so far, here we would like to summarize what we think are our top 5 best Android apps we developed so far.

We experienced that apart from the initial idea of an app, it's really important to listen well to user comments. Many of these top 5 apps weren't perfect in the beginning, but through iterations of updates were able to please most of their users. A good update of an app was usually almost immediately followed by a stream of positive market comments, and a subsequent increase in overall rating.

Please let us know in the comments which apps you like best and if you have any app requests for us. Thank you!

  1. Funny Jokes

  2. This app contains a repository of user generated jokes. Apart from putting in new jokes, every user can browse through all of them, rate them and share them via email or text message. Since the start, almost 200.000 jokes have been added in 12 categories.

    This app was downloaded more than 300.000 times and is one of the most popular apps on Android.

  3. Live Chat

  4. This is a very fast chat application for android. Join hundreds of other users to chat, flirt or just discuss anything that you would like to talk about. An extra bit of customization is added by the possibility to add your own picture to your profile. Also anyone can open new chat rooms.

    This app introduced instant group chatting to Android phones and has thousands of active users which communicate everyday in this app.

  5. Camera Pro

  6. Top camera app with many extra features, like zoom, effect filters, and many more.

    We developed this app since there was no zoom available on Android. Also the default camera was lacking support to adjust brightness and contrast. Now thousands of users can use these features on their phone.

  7. Steamy Window

  8. This app makes it seem like your android phone just came out of a steamy shower! The steam covers the whole screen and can be wiped off again with your fingers. Breathing into the microphone makes the steam come back. Lots of fun to play with!

    We released this app as our third app, and within days it became a huge success, climbing up to a top position in Entertainment.

  9. Deskbell

  10. This simple app is exactly what it says: a deskbell. We've received user reports that used it to speed up service at restaurants or at the teller at a bank. We ourselves have used it to great success to call up our coworkers to go for lunch.

    This was our first app, it was one of the very first soundboard apps on android.


  1. Hi there I was trying to look for a contact email but there was none. We are developing a commercial highlighting all the great aspects of a smartphone. I was going to use a screenshot from one of your yoga apps for in our screens. Was looking for your permission. This commercial will tons of viewers on this popular asian community channel. Please contact me back if whether possible

  2. I have also a short list of my favorite funny, cool, relaxing and some prank apps. What's best about them, is of course they are free android apps from Google playstore. hehehe :) I would also love to try your list. =)

  3. All your apps are down of the play store. Why?