Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Funny Jokes for Android

Browse the funniest jokes. You can add your jokes, share them with others, and send them via email or text message. Thousands of jokes in 12 categories (Yo Momma, Chuck Norris Facts, Comebacks, etc.) Have fun!

Click here to learn more about the funny jokes for android app.

Install it for free here:

or use
the market link
(only from Android phone).


  1. This app is becoming ridiculous, theres a group of middle aged people flagging a bunch of jokes and messing with people who don't even post inappropriate or offensive jokes.. this app really needs an update that can't allow them to do this anymore. its annoying because when they do, they get into fights with people and just look for trouble, hence many people including myself cannot access their comments. Change this. btw theres a guy pretending to be you Swisscodemonkeys, his profile name is Jimmyswisscodemonkeys. and him and his friends are the ones doing this to everybody.. stop this and maybe I will reconsider not uninstalling this app.

  2. I used to like this app but there are too many immature middle aged people on it now that cause trouble. The stupid teams they belong to bash everybody with their constant bullying and drunken rampages. People like kane, jimmy, sparkle pony, becky, and all of team nunya need to be banned permanently. I don't uderstand how they keep getting back on after being banned for a short time. Its obv that they never learn a lesson. They get on my nerves more 12 yo defending bieber.

  3. Make this available for the iphone!

    1. No! only android. Android > iPhone

    2. Its now only for andriods

  4. plz make 4 iphone, i just switched from android to iphone and i'm sad i cannot have the app on it

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  6. The stupid teams they belong to bash everybody with their constant bullying and drunken rampages.